Welcome to Branche D'Olivier

La branche d'olivier a real cave of Ali Baba
A favorite with vegetarians, the store's natural products La Branche d'olivier gear on Wellington Street for twenty years. As soon as one crosses the threshold, it is a true olfactory journey that awaits you. Turmeric and coriander, to curry and cumin, all spices are present imaginable. There are many bulk products such as cheeses, dried fruit, olives, rice, nuts, etc.. This shop is the place to find all the ingredients you need to concoct the most exotic recipes. Themselves of Iraqi origin, the owners offer products from around the world including the Middle East, North Africa and South America. We even thought people allergic to gluten and those looking for sugar-free products.

Loyalty, variety and hospitality
The olive branch can count on a loyal clientele. Even those who move, come back regularly to stock up. There are even two former residents of Verdun who had been living in Nunavut, who have products delivered in the mail! Well served by the huge variety available, it is also thanks to its warm welcome and impeccable service that this family business has built its reputation.
The olive branch is located at 4342 Wellington in Verdun, 514-768-5930